Charleston 'Samu Rii' Marquis

Charleston “Samu Rii” Marquis (CSRM) is well know as a body awareness trainer, dancer/choreographer, performance motivator and Pilates educator. He was born on the Eastern Caribbean island of St. Lucia and grew up in London. He has given countless Workshops and seminars in hospitals, therapeutic schools and studios throughout Austria and participated as a guest teacher in Germany, the United States, and Bermuda.

He studied dance and Pilates in London and the USA. The core of his knowledge doesn’t come from any institutions, but from direct contact with direct human problems; studying, exploring, researching by seeing possibilities where supposedly there were none. Known as an Authentic and Master teacher of dance and Pilates, he has more than 30 years of teaching experience and is the one who introduced the Pilates method to Austria.

In 1990, CSRM founded the Body Contrology studio, the first Pilates Studio in the German speaking countries. In 2000, he established Bodyhood Pilates, which is recognized as teaching an innovative and revolutionary approach to the works of Joseph H Pilates - At Bodyhood, they integrate the brilliance of the Pilates method, as a form, with unprecedented, scientific and intuitive learning techniques that gives clarity and deep insight in learning, and understanding, the Pilates Method holistically.

CSRM believes in the “free university concept” – that is, knowledge is everywhere and it belongs to whoever is awake enough to pursue it. One respectfully incorporates whatever works in one’s work and throws away what doesn’t. “Every second gives us the opportunity to learn and to connect to the greater pool of knowledge.”...CSRM

Workshop mit Samu Rai Workshop mit Samu Rai Workshop mit Samu Rai


As a result of his deep understanding of the body, he integrates the teaching of Moshe Feldenkrais, Matthias Alexander, and Gurdiieff techniques in his teaching. He is a specialist in solving many diverse types of movement difficulties - a combination of Sherlock Holmes and Merlin. “Every now and then, during teaching, I feel like a magician concocting my magic potion or an alchemist flamboyantly mixing my secret ingredients in order to transform it into a new creation. The most fun of all is when I see that “AHA” look in my students eyes as their understanding opens up and it reflects itself in their bodies. That is the magic I yearn for, nothing is more satisfying than those moments”...CSRM

His patience and understanding, especially of the human body, have brought positive results to the most unusual body types and personalities. He dazzles, provokes and inspires his students with his unmotivated passion. “The solution to our problems is in the being, not in the doing, because we create the problem, the problem doesn’t create itself”, he would often say.

Today Charleston “Samu Rii” Marquis belongs to the most innovative teachers of dance and bodywork in Austria and has the innate ability to inspire his students to follow the path towards a relentless pursuit of truth and excellence.

Interview and demo | Bali 2007
Charleston Samu Rii Marquis is demonstrating Pilates MAT exercises.

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Charleston Samu Rai Marquis