effective from 1.12.2014

Class Single 5 Units 10 Units 15 Units
Registration Fee 33 €      
Intro Class 58 €      
Fundamental Series   226 €    
Private/Single Class
61 €
286 €
531 €
766 €
Flow 'n' glow Mat Group-Classes
18 €
81 €
140 €
34 €
  281 €
32 €
  251 €
One-Body Massage
66 €
311 €
581 €
2B1 Matten 210 €      
2B1 Reformer- und Wunda Chair 250 €      



Length Of Training

Each training unit consists of 55 minutes.

Intro Class

The intro class is a trial lesson without P.A.M.P.-Check (Posture ▪ Alignment ▪ Movement Patterns). This is a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Bodyhood® Pilates method.

Fundamental Series

This is a special programme for newcomers at Bodyhood® Pilates consisting of 5 private classes:

  • 55 min. P.A.M.P.-Check (Posture ▪ Alignment ▪ Movement Patterns)
  • Setting up a training programme that is suited to your personal needs
  • In 4 classes you learn your training programme and the use of the Pilates machines.

We recommend that you consume these 5 classes in as quick succession as possible so as to enable the body to constantly learn, and remember, the movements.

Private/Single Class

The private/single class is meant for those who either have little time to practice and therefore wish to have constant supervision or for those who want to solve specific problems.

Duet and Trio

In this case two (duet) or three (trio) persons share a private class. You can enjoy full supervision with a very economic price. If a training partner has to cancel their appointment our studio offers you the option to take a private class. 

Flow 'n' Glow Mat-Group-Classes

A new and fresh concept of the Pilates Mat training for 5 - 7 or max. 15 participants. Each exercise intertwining into each other like the waves of the sea, flowing in and flowing out in unison with breath, tone and rhythm. 

One-Body Massage®

One-Body Massage® is a special hands-on-body technique, specifically designed for Bodyhood® Pilates. If you suffer of massive muscle tensions or psychic stress symptoms, it could be useful to book a One-Body Massage at first, so you can feel the positive impact of Bodyhood® Pilates without any strain or resistance.

2B1 Workshops

2B1 - The "Aha!" Experience is a series of intensive Mat-, Reformer and Wunda chair-workshops built on certain learning devices. These devices help us to learn the key principles of the Pilates Method such as, Pelvic stabilization, Lateral/posterior breathing, Shoulder Girdle stabilization and Segmental spinal stabilization on all levels exploratively, expediently, and efficiently in a way that improves the awareness and functionality of how we move and act in everyday life.

Solo Training

On request we offer solo trainings. The solo class is for advanced learners, who know their programme well enough and do not need any further supervision. This requires the approval of the studio. Please do not exceed your training over the 55 minute time limit. Solo trainings will only be booked in off-peak times.

General Terms and Conditions

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